Why we do what we do

As a Christian, I have a passion for God and do all I can to spread His word.

The Christian Gear brand has given me the opportunity to live out this passion.
Romans 13:14

Clothe yourself with Jesus Christ… This is  my mission, to CLOTHE PEOPLE WITH THE WORD. We have to be SPIRIT minded and be filled with the WORD. This is only one of the ways to be filled with the SPIRIT and to walk with the Word.

Since taking over the Christian Gear brand in 2014 our business has grown substantially.

I’m also VERY excited as the Lord our God has blessed me to expand this ministry, as I do live videos on facebook, and I’m also part of the Kruiskyk tv channel, where I can share with you what the Lord put on my heart.

I’m also part of GODLIFE FAMILY CHURCH here in Parys, as we do live prophetic ministry on Friday nights.

I love teaching the Word of God- as its LIFE!! We need to be ALIVE for God and His Word

ARISE and Awake and lets receive daily bread

the LIVING Word of God..

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Elizma van Rooyen